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expertise for guaranteed compliance

The QCMM Laboratory is dedicated to ensuring compliance with established standards for utilities, processes and production equipment used in industries and hospitals. As a reliable partner, our team offers technical expertise, problem-solving assistance, audits, diagnostics and compliance guarantees for all of our services.

Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists in various fields, as well as leading experts for each area of expertise. We also have reliable measuring instruments calibrated in accordance with national and international standards.

By respecting the standards and references in force, the QCMM Laboratory carries out tests with rigor and provides complete reports, written under the guarantee of quality. Our technical centers are run by qualified engineers and technicians who are continually assessed to ensure better responsiveness and adaptation to our customers and their needs.

Our qualification services include design qualification

  • the qualification of the installation

  • operational qualification

  • performance qualification

all designed to guarantee the quality and safety of your utilities, processes and production equipment.

Qualification in controlled environment

Our qualification activity for thermostatic units consists of testing and certifying their performance according to the industrial standards in force. We use high-precision measuring equipment to evaluate the characteristics of each thermostatic unit, such as temperature, pressure and control capacity. This process ensures the quality of the thermostatic units and guarantees their optimal operation under the required conditions. Test results are recorded and can be used to demonstrate compliance with quality standards required by customers and regulatory authorities.

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