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uncompromising precision.

Our laboratory provides a high quality calibration service, which guarantees the precision and reliability of your measuring instruments. We are specialized in the calibration of different quantities such as temperature, pressure, volume, mass, electricity and time.

OUR TEAMS AND EQUIPMENT Our laboratory has a team of professionals specially trained and qualified to perform calibrations efficiently and reliably. We also have high precision equipment and calibrated materials that are linked to national and international standards.


We offer a wide range of calibration services, tailored to the needs of our customers. We offer routine calibrations, on-site calibrations, emergency calibrations and remote calibrations. We can also offer regular calibration follow-up to ensure the accuracy of your measuring instruments.

Our laboratory offers professional calibration services for a variety of temperature measuring instruments, including: liquid column thermometers,

Bourdon thermometers,

digital thermometers,

surface thermometers,

infrared thermometers,

temperature transmitters


Four étalon- étalonnage temperature tunisie
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